The misions of behemots

In one video of the oficial chanel i see a mision of asault of one behemot, this mision:

  • we atack a behemot?
    -Asault on to of it and destroy a vital component?
    -Atack the legs?
    ¿What will these missions consist of?
    (I repeat, my English is moderately good :sweat_smile:)

It is mentioned in a blog post that the mission could be to land on the behemoth, drill holes into its carapace and deposit poison pods into the drill holes to kill it before it reaches a point on the map like a haven or a point of interest.


ok :mueca: thx for the help

Sorry it was an interview not a blog post where Julian mentioned the behemoth fight. Here’s the link:

That sounds pretty awesome!

And what if he farts? “Mission failed”?

We’ll have air filters I suppose. But maybe you can ignite them;)

As noted in Semper Fidelis, fire seems to be an effective weapon.


Maybe you can beat him by exploiting him :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw this in one of the Facebook ads:
Have a close look at the mission description on the left.

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Background is quite old, only this person is something new in this picture. On geoscape a path of behemoth should be seen, on which he is going for… whatever haven is mentioned there. :wink:

The background for that image is very old concept art.

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That may not be a dead giveaway for some of us. We have heavy visors on that keeps us from seeing the details.

2157? Not 2047? Is there something we should know?

That was my mistake. Back in the Fig campaign, the game was set in 2057 - it was later changed to 2047. I just got my centuries wrong :smiley:

I thought as much :-/ I still hope that there will be such missions.

I asked Unstable Voltage on Discord a while ago, he told me Behemoths were still planned :smiley:

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