Are Behemoths and Underwater Missions still a thing?

With the Legacy Of The Ancients being released in a few days, are the promised Behemoth fights and underwater battles still a thing? Behemoths don’t seem that much of a stretch, but underwater battles would imply a whoole set of new models, units, armours, weapons, so on.

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Users POW (a fan of Terror from Deep :slight_smile:

If EVER done, likely left for DLCs 4 and 5

Last official mention was april 2019 and it was “delayed”


Apr '18


At this stage, not further stretch goals can be achieved. We would still like to have underwater missions - but these would most likely be a future DLC at this point.

In reveiew expectations it has been reduced to “floating base” :frowning:

And when one goes back to original crowfinding, its seems real underwater missions “are last to come” and since it wasn’t reached, developers actually have NO obligations!

So, patience is your friend and virtue :slight_smile:

Hope some old aliens will be used as inspiration :slight_smile:

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Those old aliens were quite something. That Lobster Man seems like the Arthron’s angrier cousin!

I’m not sure if underwater missions were ever considered seriously to be included. Sure developers would like to add something like that, thus expanding their game even more, but between “wish” and “possible to do” is quite a lot of possible outcomes of such project.

Behemoths will be probably added, but when? It is hard to say. Last thing I have heard about them is that they are in scope (and probably there were even prototype builds with them), but there is some difficulty in implementing them properly into strategic layer. My guess is that they will be introduced when devs will have more free time after they will add more of the content which was planned and isn’t causing any troubles.

That’s assuming underwater battle would be done Thunderbolt style and not “underwater” in geographical sense (like fight within an air bubbleor explore water free underwater alien lair)

Still hoping for Behemonths. That’s was one of the coolest things they pitched.

Always thought a Behemoth’s tactical layer would be the issue, how do you put a living moving battleground and make it believable. But your words make me think it will be quite a long time until we see them.

Considering TFTD’s legacy, it would be kind of strange if these battles weren’t Thunderball-like. But I kind of see the insane work needed with putting what would be almost a new tactical layer into the game.

But TFTD didn’t have Thunderball battles. Sure they happened “underwater” but played exactly the same as if they weren’t. One of the few instances where “reskin” was an actually appropriate description.

… uh! Funny thing about our memories, if someone asked me I’d say TFTD had Thunderball like battles, but of course, you’re right: they are exactly the same as OGX-Com, just with reskins. Anyway, maybe Snapshot can make a better tactical underwater system now.

My favorite was actually the ship-missions in TFTD. Tight and constrained below deck fighting lobster-men - hard. Lots of recon-by-HE iirc. Good days… :nerd_face:

It was hell at original game as the pathfinding is so broken, that aliens could not leave tight spaces like toilets. At openxcom, it’s much more fun!

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Tempting… but I have found that sometimes it’s best to move on with good memories intact. A bit like old girlfriends… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: