Questions About game mechanic

It is know that behemoths will roam the world destroying anything in their path including havens, but can a behemoth destroy a phionix base?

From what ive learned about the mutation system each body part with have three different variations for each body part for each individual alien round to 243 different variations of each alien. Obviously every mutations won’t add new abilites and probably most of them will just be a state modifier, but do we have a ration of how many will be state modifiers and how many will be ability adder mutations?

The question of multiple squads in one mission has been circulating, but as squads can have up to 16 I don’t see much of s problem with not being able to, but can we have multiple squads deployed to diffrent areas at the same time? For instance I have 32 soldiers and two dropships, I need recourses but at the same time a haven falls under attack by an alien horde, can I deploy 2 squads one going scavenging and the other to defend the haven at the same time, playing the mission of which ever arrives at there destination first, then playing the next one not long after saving in game world time of returning to base and then launching the next mission.

  1. In terms of ‘realism’ / capabilities, definitely. Although the game should probably wait until you have more than 1 base before this happens. Behemoths are supposed to be the ultimate world-ending thing so it would definitely make sense. It would be a good way of failing the game too, as it’s not like “oh you ran out of time”

  2. On the crabmen, most of the parts seem to add some sort of ability, such as the gun, shield, pincer etc. It also seems like different sorts of head can add stuff like venom spitting. I think it looks around like a 50/50 split for the stat/ability stuff though we can’t tell at the moment

  3. This was the case in OG X-com. You could buy as many transport ships as you had hangars and basically send them all across the globe. Each time one lands you play the mission and after that you wait for the next one to land, or you can wait before starting the mission, at the risk of it disappearing. From what I can tell, this looks like it’s happening in PP, with better transport vehicles etc it would only make sense to be able to have more than one at any time

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