How to attack flying alien?

  • I go with armed plane there
  • How do I strike it?


F10 or whatever is screenshoot saves to STEAM or somewhere else, where one cant easily find screenshots!

Its not My Documents/My Games, its not Steamapp/Common/PhoenixPoint

You fight them at/by flying to same POI

I am at same POI, its glowing

When you click the POI you should get an option to “Intercept …”

No, trade and heaven info (its heaven)

I don’t think you are at right POI.
The flashing one you are at is target for Behemot.

The flyer you can intersept is lower right on screen heading towards NJ haven. Meet it and fight it there.

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See the post above mine, thats it, you’re on the haven that is the behemoths target, nothing to do for you there except trading anything out before the Behemoth arrives :slight_smile:

OK: Shining point is its target location
When I browse mouse over it, it shows me its speed
So I can intercept its course? Lets try

(P.S I havent seen any ingame hints)

No, you can’t intercept the Behemoth, the only thing you can do is shown by the bar under the Behemoth picture on top of the screen. Fight the little Flyers and when you have done enough then he will retreat into the ocean to take a break and come back later.

Finishing the Behemoth is the great final of this DLC, so don’t expect to get it this early done :wink:

You should activate the hints in the options if you have deactivate them before, there are some new useful ones.
There are also some new entries in the Phoenixpedia, but probably only after the first time the Behemoth does something with a haven.

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Not to confuse starting question … to shot down Flyer, in this example meet it at NJ haven to the southeast.

@MadSkunky … I know it is impossible to attack Behemoth, but to me it has seemed, that putting a Manticore on POI in it’s path stops/delays its movement. Also delays attacks on the flashing/target haven. The haven still gets destroyed, just in my expirience it takes longer, than if no Manticore present.
From CC do you know if these are just random expiriences or actually a game-mechanic?
It is wasting Manticore (and crew time) if it has no effect. But if you can delay it, you might get one less haven destroyed before shooting enough flyers to send it to sea.

(Side note. Seen NJ shoot down a flyer they got to before me, becsuse my Manticore was beeing repaired. So some get shot down on their own.)


Honestly, I don’t know, but I assume it is more random. I know that the big B stops from time to time but I’m not aware that it is connected to any player action.

Ok, thanks.

That could be it, and then I waste lots of time/other options with Manticore/crew.

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I find it unreasonable for Xcom players once cant intercept, please fix this future.

Plus add simpler, more obvious combat options alike old Xcom engagement. People are faimilar with that. And some nice music.

OR I will fire up my VAMPIRE :slight_smile:

I will just play without this DLC.

And also play some Xcom on Vamp :slight_smile:

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Only the Behemoth, all other flyers can be intercept, but only at POIs / havens / PX bases.

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But why couldn’t they just let us hit them everywhere… POI feels so constricted.

So they can’t be intercepted. :stuck_out_tongue: The point of interception is to prevent reaching the point, not waiting like a dumb-ass. This doesn’t even fit the theme of a dogfight, flyer on his way to POI is just a visual progress bar before additional option in POI will appear… :stuck_out_tongue:


When they announced FS, first think I imagined/expected was a danger in the geosphere. You would not able to send your dropship to the end of the world without any problem. There will be enemies in the sky and shoot your dropship down. I hoped a real tension in the skies.

I would send my interceptors to escort dropships. I expected they would use the LotA search drone system for that too. I did not even want a minigame at all. It could be just a autosolve as it would not break the game concept too. Because it’s hard to make a good minigame to xcom genre. You need to be simple and fast like a dog fight should be. Even Xenonauts made a great real minigame, I still found it too complex and reflex needed and not good for xcom fans… but at least it was great and got autosolve.

So we got the FS details and I got shot two times from my head… no air interception as it’s only at POI’s, so no danger for you in the skies (even you can kill other faction planes to make the game more easier) and no interceptors to use but fight with dropships.

I was still alive until I saw the minigame and it took my last will of life… I died that day…


Feel with you…

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Whats reward for shooting smaller flying aliens?
I dig it, big one is flying fortress

You have to do it, to get rid of Bahemoth for awhile.
But you do get some ressources in return. Haven’t noticed if it is always Tech, but often seems like 30 Tech or so.

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