If we don't do Gift Mission the Behemoth never appears?

I am wondering if i don’t go to Gift mission if Behemoth appear at same???

And 15 days to go to the mission is to much time, gives human lots of time to prepare and the Pandora menace is much easier so many days later with a stronger team…

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It will appear no matter if you will go for The Gift or not. If you won’t you will not get armed aircraft. :slight_smile:

If you will postpone the mission - yes your team will be stronger, but also aliens will be stronger. And instead of only melee variants you will encounter snipers, machine gun ones and probably some other.

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Hi Yokes,

I tested it. The Behemoth appears after some days of mission disapier.

If we do the mission in the 15th day it is much easier with my eight lvl6 soldiers team… the enemies are mostly the same, the worst i faced where Arthron Gunners, that in legendary in a game where i already faced Sirens and Arthron Tyrants.

At first I assumed that the longer you wait, the better. But I have tried doing the Gift at different times, and here is what I think:

  1. It pays to do the mission later on lower difficulties if you make aggressive use of the free Mantis, or perhaps if you play on Legend but steal a lot of aircraft, because whatever you do in PP, if you break the economy everything else is easy.

  2. Doing the mission later without breaking the economy first has quite a few disadvantages:

  • There are less haven defenses with FS turned on, so you miss on rewards (rep + resources) from fighting flyers

  • The Pandorans will evolve more advanced and better armed flyers + corruption node almost immediately after completing the Gift, and it’s harder to fight them with just one basic set of PX aerial weapons.


Hi Voland,

I am trying it.

I am playing legend and NEVER attack other human Havens in any situation because of lack of response from human factions (for me, like it is, is free resources and aircraft and that sucks)… I did not verify yet the 2b point, let´s see it, but if that is true, it will be good.