The gameget stuck after load

Hello guys, I may need some help. After several hours playing I tried to load an auto save. However, what I get was this screen where I m unable to do anything… anything at all. The globe seems to be partially animated buat o commads are working. My only option was to kill the program. Any cleu of wht may be happening? Thankyou.

I’m having this exact same issue.

I can play the game fine (until the Deadlock mission), then after a while any gameload that happens (either me reloading a save, or completing a mission and the geoscape needs to load back in), I get this exact screen shot. I’ve tried doing a bunch of different things from my good save (ie scouting around first, completing some research, doing a different mission, etc), but it’s just a matter of time until this screen occurs.

What’s up with this?

you ever find a solution? having this issue.