Cant load savegame

Hi there,
since the hotfix and back session i cant load savegames from missions after i closed PP and.
So do i have 2 assume i can play missions only one time, as soon as i shut down my pc, its over?!

I tried verifying the game files and tried 2 load geoscape save first and then the mission save game, error
if i load the geoscape and try 2 start the mission new from there loading the mission loop

i have the same issue :frowning: if i load a savegame, then i get the message, that there was a failure to load the savegame. if i load the auto savegame to the geoscape, it works. but if i try to start the next mission, it loads and loads and loads :frowning:

edit: i have the problem since 30-45 min, before all was ok for load or reload game files.
edit2: after a small windows update and a restart all works, exept the load of my own last savegame, it seems be corrpted or something elseā€¦