Endless Loading Screen

Now i thought nothing could go wrong anymore with my savefiles. But then…

Now i’m stuck on a defend haven (synedrion) mission. my quicksave and normal savefile from within the mission won’t load. I have a save from the geoscape shortly before (i know some things with pp meanwhile) but even if i start the mission again it will put the game in the same endless loading screen.

Does that mean that i can’t defend the haven (only 1h left before it gets destroyed, was a hell of a ride to get there in time)?
Are the gamesaves bugged, do i have to restart (being 50+h now in the campaign)?

Any solutions? Really would like to rescue the poor green ones.

For me this happens after attempting 2nd time to load broken save game.
First it gives an error, but if you attempt top load it again - you get endless loading .

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In another thread on this issue a possible resolution was determined as increasing your page file size to a bigger value. I increased mine to 20GB and so far the issue has been resolved crosses fingers

Solved it by loading the geoscape, unpausing the game for some geoscape-minutes (had 1h left before destruction) and doing the mission a few geoscape-minutes later.

Given how pp works this was nearly expected. Despite procedural generation nearly everything seems to be set in stone for every certain point in the game. So just by changing the point (by letting time pass) it worked.