The Faction Wars

Ready for any change)

Switched to Neutral for even odds’ sake. 3 teams, 3way games has been planned? Meslef is happy with any. :star_struck:

Ok, cool. I’ve got it all ready to go, but I want to make sure the CGR tourney games get out of the lobby before we begin

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I’m ok with changing the format; I think recruitment has been going on for too long and we may risk losing some of the original 9 if we wait for longer…

Not sure of what the format should be to stay with the theme but what you describe sounds reasonable, Aka

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roger that. So, due to the lack of numbers we are ditching the original concept/theme. The new theme is very minimal. 2 stages:

No gear requirements
Stage 1: Round Robin style FFA, 3-player battles, async
Stage 2: Live Final battle between the top 3 scorers from Stage 1

It’s all ready to go just waiting on the CGR tournament to get out of the lobby.


Please see new thread: Triangles ffa tournament

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I want to join but won’t have internet during March… I guess I should stay out of this one to be safe?