New fancy tournament recruiting players!


With gary’s blessing a group of diehard players planning to organize a tourney in near future, all are welcome to join!

Expecting rules are:

  • Team based challenge 2v2/FFA.
  • Equipped, fixed gear sets meaning you’re not allowed to change between matches.
  • Random generated/premade 3/4 player maps.
  • Asynchronous by default though live isn’t against the rules.

Challonge is going to be used to keep the fixtures on track!

If you are interested in and willing to participate sign up here by leaving your ‘ingame’ username and it will be added to the list, or/and join our discussion in official discord server.

Thank you.

The list of participants:

  1. clef
  2. blobka
  3. Viking34
  4. Rhorg
  5. bejebus
  6. Aka
  7. Bos5k
  8. Othrek
  9. Pancetta
  10. Grythandril
  11. Roderic
  12. Grythandril
  13. SpiteAndMalice
  14. Eidolon
  15. bluddy
  16. Larkaa
  17. Tiger
  18. lod
  19. GlasMasv

A notion from our CSO:
“All players should stay tuned to that thread for all upcoming information regarding the tourney.”


I want in! Also I believe we have to advertise it in-game somehow (maybe on the global chat or the custom lobbies) because I don’t think many players come to the new forum.


Splendid! Welcome traveler! I never met you before and happy to see you are interested in our humble tournament! You were added to the list of participants, congratulations, fight well!


Hello blobka, I’d like in.
Viking34#2865 on discord, Viking in-game :grinning:


Another weary traveler! Wonderful! Come on in, good sir, have a seat! I’ll write you up immediately!


I’ll play too, if you’ll have me


Cheese Louise! Yet another stranger got interested in! Of course, fine-looking gentleman, come in, you can pass your coat to Clef he’ll take care of it and please get yourself seated and comfortable whilst Viking34 will be making updates to the list!


add bos5k and i to the list please


Agent Othrek of the Hegemony humbly requests entry to this contest
(IGN is just Othrek)


i guess i am in for better or worse.Bring on the pain. :slight_smile:


sorry, still learning.


sign me up too


Got you all!


Fight fight fight!

I join too. (Roderic_40k in Discord).

Thanks for the news Clef!


count me in too


add me to the roster guys :slight_smile:


Your wish is granted, Eidolon, good to have you with us!


Sign me up as well!


I’d love to join! IGN is also Larkaa :slight_smile:


Master Mage Tiger wishes admission, please sign him up :slight_smile: