The E3 trailer was really bland

To sum it up, the E3 trailer didn’t had anything worthwhile. No information regarding gameplay, ideas, lore was given, it was a trailer that could be used by any type of game: an FPS, an action RPG, a card game. It’s revealing that many YouTube comments dismiss it as “pffttt, as if we didn’t had already to many another shooters!!!”.

This probably is more of an E3 fault then Snapshot’s, though, because so many trailers in E3 are just trying to be Hollywood whores, and because the first trailer Snapshot did gave us us was f*cking awesome! From the first seconds with the mutants lurking in the shadows straight up to the attacks by the human troops, everything was pure bliss. An element of cinematics was used to get our veins pumping, the music was from the game, the bits of information told everything you needed to know to understand if it was a game for you: a turn based against an evolving enemy, featuring tactic battles and strategic management. You wanted real time, or reflexes based gameplay? Phoenix Point would not be for you.

But that leads to another point: ever since the Epic deal, it seems the marketing stuff has dried up. We didn’t get any more blog updates, relevant tweets, and only one more unit was pokemon-style revealed with the mutog. One can only theorize to why, but here’s hoping it doesn’t relate to any kind of internal struggles within Snapshot.

With all that out of the way: September the 3rd? Very cool!

3rd september… two and a half months. Something inside me doubts that even if the game is complete from technical side, it will be good balanced. But again, there is such thing as patching. Anyway, I’m waiting for Phoenix Point more than any game announced on E3, Cyberpunk included .)

(some fans had been waiting for X3 announcement or teaser, but nothing happened - so Phoenix Point will dominate at least all this and next year in xcom field .)

I have to say, that after a week or so of hype with the picture puzzle I was hoping for some great reveal. When I first saw the final pic of the queen, which has been seen many times for past year or more. I was like disappointed. Then I saw the official comment, that they will have a surprise reveal. So I said to myself ok let be surprised and then the trailer came out.

I don’t know. It is a great artistik creation, but for me it is besides a point. Noticed couple of things which I am not fond of. Hope the creature size ration was changed to fit the artistik style of the video and wont be incorporated to the game. The other bigger thing which bothers me was seeing the same New Jericho Technician among the Phoenix squad. Which leads me to believe, that PP equivalent is still not ready.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that, since there was a three month delay justified just for the final balancing.

That’s another thing I don’t get with this marketing strategy. Clearly Phoenix Point will be a strong contender for Strategy GOTY, but it’s being shown as a… as nothing, really. It’s like the devs are ashamed of their own work.

As we all were. I was even going so far as a new faction, or underwater missions already included in the 3/11 release. But it’s like we have to ask, Guys, what really the big announcement?

I suppose that the big announcement was just release date. Trailer was ok, but nothing special. Nice touch to the game climate, but nothing really informative. To be honest I was also little disappointed. EDIT. But well after Cyberpunk announcement everything were really bland over there. :wink:

I suppose it dried up because of backlash. People responsible for putting post were busy with explaining Snapshot decision and dealing with refunds. On the other hand I suppose they can’t reveal too much more because there won’t be anything surprising in finale game. :smiley:

There is no PP Technician. We will have technicians only from NJ. So you will have to have good diplomacy standing with that faction to have super-technician-healing.

Honestly I am not surprised, BB3 (last I played) was EXTREMELY underwhelming. I see this trailer and I get the same feeling. I get the impression more and more that the Epic bribe was NEEDED because of financial trouble and mismanagement.

I think this time was needed to polish the game technically/graphically. And balance will be patched later. You can change balance with patches, but hardly you can patch graphics, animations, sounds…

It’s like the devs are ashamed of their own work.

Ashamed? No, I don’t think so. But trailer (as it seems to me) shows the general level, and (as I guessed from the very beginning) PP won’t reach the level of last Firaxis game. Phoenix Point will be a solid game, that’s for sure, better than any other “xcom clone”, but Firaxis still holds the banner - at least on the visual side. As for gameplay, we will see - this is something indeterminate yet.

It’s all a matter of expectations, of course: I never got to play FiraXCom ever since BB1 was released, and for me PP was to become Strategy GOTY :smiley:

And for me it will be definitely better than FiraXCOM. Those all or nothing shots were so frustrating… lack of inventory during mission, and almost lack of economy with base maintenance. Unfortunately PP also won’t have it in the scope I would like but it will definitely be better than recent XCOMs. Let them add base building, research and some kind of normal production with more interesting traveling system. For me it will beat other XCOM clones at the release. And there will be DLC (even free for the first year for me).

Without a doubt. By the way, I don’t think “missing shots” will ever be again in FXcoms or similar games they’ll release, as Jake continuously blames himself and jokes about himself in his twitter on this matter. Anyway, the very gameplay in FXcoms from technical point of view is much more smooth and beautiful than in BB4. As for simplicity, there’s a positive side in it as well (as always) - game is more relaxing and more dynamic and fast - for majority of players this is important as they don’t want to think much but just want to have fun and gain victory easily (Jake said that most of FXcom players played only on 2 easiest difficulties). But ye, I’m not a big fan of this casual approach as well and welcome all classic xcom features in PP, though, as FXcom statistic predicts, many will struggle with it -)

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I am aware that Technician is class only for NJ, that is why I pointed it out. It seems to me that it was in the trailer instead of the Phoenix Point counter part. Or do you see something else with Heavy in the trailer?

In game, the Phoenix Project doesn’t have their own technician, only New Jericho and Synedrion do. The Phoenix Project however can get the technology for the equipment and training facilities to train their soldiers in the class by trading for it or stealing it with New Jericho or Synedrion

But there is no counterpart. Phoenix Project will have only Assault, Heavy and Sniper.

I liked the first gameplay trailer better than this cinematic trailer. I don’t even think they needed to make a second trailer, because the first did its job. That being said, the cinematic one does do one thing, and does it very well – it establishes that the crew can, in fact, make high-quality cutscenes. Which means we can reasonably expect to see these in the finished product!

Aha, that explains it. Thanks Yokes. I wasn’t sure after your latest comments Yokes, Kings_Rook.

The other factions NS, Synedrion, Anu will all have 4 classes?

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we aren’t sure how many classes each faction will have. A lot of information is being kept under wraps to avoid spoilers

As a backer I’m worried about the release date. The game as we have had access to as backers is far from being complete. This was billed as a game that would capture the old XCOM feel, but bring it to the next gen like the latest XCOM, but after playing it, and seeing where they are in development and the fact that they claim a sept release tells me it’s falling short of intentions. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but it does not innovate on much and sounds like it will be less of a game than both.

Keep in mind those two points:

  • devs keep some things only in development build and away from backers build - so no matter how much advanced work will be we won’t see them in backers builds
  • BB 4 is from end of March - Retcon Raider mentioned that developers are much further in development in their internal build

It’s the same as always: Backer Builds are not the game, not even a demo, or a beta version, but just a series of tools for us to play with. That said, I’m not feeling very cozy with the lack of updates. It’s as if things are going downhill within Snapshot and we don’t know about it.

But then again, a nightmare development tells us nothing about the final result. Bioshock is one of the most significant games ever, and its development was not a sweet ride.

As said by yokes previously, the actual in house development far exceeds that of the backer builds, and just to add to that. I’ve heard from a reliable source on the phoenix point discord chat that the game is apparently finished and would’ve actually have been rdy for the previous June release. Just not bug free or polished… which is of course why the release was pushed to September. To polish the game and weed out as much bugs as possible. So I would say fear not.

As for the missing updates, I heard that one of the team members who often updates the trello development progress left the team or something along those lines. So maybe it’s possible he/she was responsible for the website updates as well?? Could also be a concious decision to leave some surprise for the games release.