Original video compared to the game

Today, i was thinking about some differencies i remembered between the original promotionnal videos for the funding campaign and the actual game. In my memories, there was quite an atmosphere, grittier soldier customisation, scary monsters.
So i went back to watch it, and to my surprise, the video felt much better than the game we have now. How sad.


Man, I wanna play that game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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0:55 - the ‘oh shit’ moment :slight_smile:

Not going to lie, it looks more feature rich and polished than what we currently have :thinking:

This game looks awesome. when does it get released? :frowning:

Indeed it looks better, especially the UI. The one we have looks very cheap in comparison.

Humanoid heads on all sorts of abominations are more creepy and therefore superior as well.

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Meh, it’s clearly not gameplay. Biggest shift is in tone, and neither version captures my imagination - not in a way both original UFO and FiraXCOM1 did.

I miss the cinematic camera of XCOM. I hope it makes its way into PP as an optional feature.

Definitely makes the game look a lot better than it really is. The severe lack of customization in the release vs what they show in that vid is staggering. And Scylla crawling out of the ocean? Where even is that map? None of the maps, let alone the game itself, have that atmosphere of dread like they show. Or hell, what we had in the earlier backer builds.

Maybe people who worked on BB1 should do a complete game? :smiley:
I have a feeling that different teams worked on this.

That video sure was something! Does an oil rig even exists in current 1.0?

Probably not. I think it wasn’t real gameplay. I suppose it was something like created 3D scenery with animated characters and just rendered in 3D Max or other rendering software for the purpose of trailer. :slight_smile:

It was actually from a very early working prototype of the game which came before the crowdfunding started. It was built as a proof of concept. Of course, like many games, over the course of several years, many things “evolved”.

The game was completely rebuilt after the prototype.

In the end, the queen’s face was kept for the Exalted.

EDIT: Added spoiler tag (UV)
@UnstableVoltage Sorry, didn’t look like a spoiler to me since we see it from the start in diplomacy

It looked better on that other thing. I mean look at it - It’s fantastically disgusting ! A real pity.