So, 1st Impressions For Phoenix Point

When talking about Phoenix Point, comparisons with Firaxis XCom will be inevitable, so let get those out of the way: Phoenix Point picks up every system put by FX and makes them better. Free Aiming leaps miles ahead of “99% chance to hit an- MISSED?!”, limbs being taken apart one by one will never get old, and the lore being put behind all the post-apocalyptic-yet-still-surrounded-by-awesome-technology makes me jealous of the writing team! And about the only not-that-great thing, the aerial combat, was simply put to the trash bin! I have very strong suspicions mr. @JulianG has had access to an Inception machine and been spying on my ultimate wishlists for a game.

BB4 still chugs a lot in those frame rates, the inventory screen puts way too much effort in showing HUGE IMAGE OF CHARACTER instead more precious information, and those pesky crabs get yet access to super telescopic x-ray vision that shoots your troops from across the field. But I shot a crab out of all its limbs and it panicked behind a wall, sensing seafood rice for mankind’s dinner, at which point my sniper managed to put a single high energy bullet through that wall, thus ensuring a rich buffet for everybody that evening. I have total faith that whatever criticisms I can think for the game, Snapshot’s team has already picked them apart and solved them for the next Backer Build’s interaction.

Which made me think on how to best describe how Phoenix Point charts in X-Com’s legacy. You see, the original X-Com was like having a huge crush on a much older person as a child, and many years went by and you met this person again and, OK, you can see s/he’s really clever and full of bright ideas, but also full of wrinkles and body sags and not that pleasant to look at, but still worth a chat. The remake stands as that sweet first relation,so full of butterflies and cards written with hearts replacing the dots in the i’s, but also time went by and you never saw that person again and you know it’s for the best, lest those sweet sweet memories spoil rather unpleasantly.

And Phoenix Point is this super hot top model, with a way high intelligence, sharing all your enthusiasm and passion for the same things in life, and laughing at the same things and when deep in the night and with a glass of red wine or two giving a hell of a blowj - OK, this is where I’m loosing my metaphor.

So I end with my recommendation: Phoenix Point? EPIC! Buy it.