So, How's Snapshot been doing?

While I originally got into Snapshots games with Chaos Reborn, I hadn’t stayed up to date with how Snapshots’s been doing with phoenix point. I ask as I’m super curious about any other projects they might have coming down the pipeline and wonder if they’d have the clout to bang out something more adventurous (like chaos reborn with it ending up as more of a niche title) or if they’d have to be very conservative (sticking to a more safe bet).

My assumption was that chaos reborn didn’t meet expectations and Pheonix point was sort of the ace in the hole to keep the company afloat. But then, you have all of that controversy with the epic store…and Covid… which makes me wonder what Snapshot’s next move will be.

Hoping to not come across as facetious or pessimistic. More curious than anything.

They now have owning company, so should not run out of the funding. They have some big project on mind for the future. And they are still tuning Phoenix Point, releasing free updates and making DLCs. Looks like not the whole team is involved in those DLCs, so probably next big project in mind is already being planned. :wink:

The game is not as bad as many here see it. It is fun in any case.

I recently started xcom 2 but just can’t get into it for some reason. Phoenix Point for all it’s previous annoyances I couldn’t stop playing.

I’ll persevere with xcom 2 of course but pp threw you right into the action.

For all it’s faults, they’ve stuck at it and it could be a cult classic in the making once word gets around.

Oh, and once the achievements are fixed :wink:

because of randomizes shooting system which let you shot through walls, because of structured 2 actions point system, because of simple weapons and damage design, because of single base management (despite that management is better), because of strange aircraft movement… :slight_smile:

Bad is wrong term. Game is quite ok, but it has its major flaws between moments where it shines.

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Yeah, the base game is ok, but the Long War 2 mod, oh my! It is excessively long, but such a fantastic mod!

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Oh it’s a quality game no doubt (I am playing on console so no mods). It’s the story and gameplay that’s iffy.

After the intro I had to go on the internet to wiki what the story line was, it was so vague and confusing. It also never explains that your base of ops is a captured alien ship.

It never grounded me in the game and the actual combat removes a lot of the fun of the first game. Either forcing you to be aggressive or meticulously setting up an ambush. Early days but after playing an hour I put it down and went back to hearts of iron. :crazy_face:

Maybe just not suited to my playstyle. Not bashing it at all because I am sure once I get into it, it’ll be great. I only compare with PP that I could not put the damn thing down, just one more mission, one more explore etc etc.

Very compelling to play and experiment different approaches.