Ancient times where Hominins were alive

This little movie increased my curiosity. What if Hominins have stopped Wormwood many times in the past before their last war?

And how many times Wormwood fell on Earth after their demise? Will successors like Gilgamesh, Exiled, Anu or Enlil had similar role in our past?

I don’t think the Hominids stopped Yuggoth before. If they did, the bas-reliefs in Tomb of the Phoenix would have mentioned a recurring war. But the story just says that all the hominids were surprised by the meteor that fell from the sky, not that it happened as a cycle or something.

True. You are right. I forgot about some parts of stories. Recurring war could be mentioned. They were aware of the Yuggoth, but looks like attack from it really was surprise. They didn’t pay attention to the fungus spreading all over the world. And they rose also from apes just like us. Btw I would love to know in what time in Earth history they lived. More than 115 000 years ago? Because it was supposed to be before last ice age (but I don’t think so it was before whole era of the Earth we are living now - yes we are living in ice age - Quaternary Ice Age) :slight_smile: If it was more than that then there was not much life then. And humanoids are present on Earth since 119 000 years? So Honinins should not met us earlier.

But maybe before them there were another inteligent races which defended Earth earlier. Story says that Yuggoth orbit repeats after few thousands years. Maybe 5 or 6 thousands? Who knows since when Yuggoth is looking for the opportunity to take over our planet. And how long it prepared? How long it engineered the virus to such lethal and challanging variation? Maybe previous attacks were not good enough? But it could happen many hundred times in Earth past.

Also interesting is what happened next - after Hominins extinction. Because it looks like the Hominins survived in some way. Maybe by mixing with lower intelligent species? In this way gods from our mythology arose. How many times they stood agains next Wormwood attacks? Because there were Great Flood, where gods defended Earth, next there was time of Gilgamesh rule where he also had to defend agains that sky bull. That was probably last attack of Wormwood and next will happen in next few thousand years as prophesied by Egyptians.

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Yeah. Like I said elsewhere, I personally think the hominids intermingled with humanity and that their descendants might be the ones with natural immunity to the pandora virus, which might be a plot point in game or possible in-game mechanic, like “ancient descendants” have more willpower or something :smiley: