New Official Story: Those Who Have Left Us


Don’t you think that this is interesting part of lore? Why there are two strains? One is called Kargil (city in India/Pakistan territory) - Samudr (some kind of india god meaning “gathering together of waters”) and the second is originating from Moose Creek in Alaska and is called Pandora Virus. It also mentions that Kargil/Samudr has no vaccine, so the other probably has one. So now questions arise:

  1. Both of them are just PV serving the same purpose, with little differences giving different mutants? People just observed that difference and called them differently, in the meantime creating vaccine for one of them?
  2. Or are those two different viruses originating from PV but they are hostile to each other? Will there be a split into factions of Pandora Virus and will they fight each other?
  3. Or maybe one of them is controlled by Disciples of Anu?
  4. If there was a vaccine to Pandora Virus from Alaska then who created it and how it was used? Or Virus mutated again so the vaccine became useless?
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I would guess that a vaccine is possible, but the virus has shown very clearly that is able to mutate to counteract any attack. So it mutates to negate any vaccine. So, that said, I find it doubtful that the game ends with the PV destruction. There will be a new dominant species on this planet :smiley:

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I just read the story, and there’s something that seems strange to me: why was the body buried and not cremated, as it would be more safe for an infectious disease?

I think that this story takes place when PV is still not considered as global threat (or not?) or maybe considered as not so big danger. People right now also die from other diseases and are not cremated.

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