[Spoiler] Understanding Anu Ending

Finally saw the ending for “Anu”.
It says that the Exalted took all the knowledge from the entity from planet Yuggoth. That he got cut from his troops and condemned to stay alone on his dark planet.

But in the end, it says that a “creature was still longing for our planet … next time we’ll be ready”.

I’m having trouble understanding the logic behind. Humans know have full knowledge of the entity and the virus.
Is it that next time Yuggoth might send a different virus?

Someone has a theory on how to understand what seems to me like a contradiction ?

Not everyone has full knowledge, in fact the average person probably just thinks of it as Yoggoth, their dead god. and has no idea that its still trying to invade. So the average person doesn’t know that a fight remains. And it probably would send a different variant of the virus or some new form of threat.