The boots of the dead

Am I imagining or the KIA soldiers are not stripped of armour? On Vet you routinely have to plop 600-resources to recruits, it’d be nice if you could at least recycle/reuse the armour of the human sacrifices to DDA God.

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I had my heavy die on second scavenging mission on legendary and got the gear back.
Since you can’t loot armor, I expect that it would also work when you need to extract (ambushes).


Hmm. I have to check that. It definitely does not show up on loot screen. The gun(s) you get back if they’re in one piece.

I wanted to call this the naked and the dead but forum software thinks it’s an improper title…

Didn’t appear either but I had the heavy armor and hellcanon in my inventory.

Can confirm as a general rule you do retrieve armor from dead squaddies except ambushes. So long as you complete the mission. It never shows in the loot screen. If you flee I’m not sure if you get it back on any mission, which would make sense.

Carrying bodies to evec points would be a nice add.

Yup you do get armour back, had infiltrator and squaddie armours in storage. So never mind then, those rookies have some big boots to fill. Legendary starts sounding more appealing… But maybe it really should be a tick box, I don’t feel very expensive recruits you have to allow to be killed makes things easier.

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