Picking up Dead Solder weapons

i ran out of ammo with my heavy when fighting the queen and i just thought it would be good to allow me to run over to a dead ally or solder on the map with a weapon and open my inventory to pick up either their weapon or ammo off the ground.

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Good thinking, lol. That’s how it was in original xcom. It will probably be brought over to Phoenix point. I hope.

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@Father_Nature You are supposed to be able to, but a current bug is preventing it.


rock on! hey fixing a bug is normal i just love that you planned on it!

will be nice, if weapons (stuff) on ground from dead enemy or soldiers will be somehow highlighted (with colored silhouette of that thing) when come with mouse cursor on it. i just run before that spider monster and on ground was assault rifle from dead soldier, but cant take it. sure it can be destroyed, but that usable stuff can be highlighted

You can actually pick up alien machine guns and even use them, though it’s buggy.

I put one into an equip slot and was able to move and even fire with it. Though it remained visually on the ground as I moved around. And after firing with it once, it disappeared from my inventory completely and the soldier was twitching in an idle animation. I also had to manually move him back into cover after firing from the step out tile.