New recruit come with no equipe

like a title, no weapon or armor for new recruit after last patch/dlc aat all difficulty, only old savegame can “gift” equipe

any idea?

Interesting, most other posts on this subject are complaining that it’s the other way round.

@UnstableVoltage, has this been fixed and no-one’s told us?

This may sound odd, Thicondrius, but thank your lucky stars! The general consensus on these forums is that the cost of new recruits is so prohibitive (because you have to pay for the armour & kit they come with), that you’re better off just having them join you naked and equipping them yourself, because then the cost of the recruit is only food.

I’m not entirely sure of this myself, as I’ve never experienced it (on my Heroic playthrough, my recruits came with armour but no kit, which meant that if I wanted eg. a Synedrion Sniper Rifle, I had to cuddle up to Synedrion & Research it). But that is the received wisdom of most players.

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The only problem I see would be if you had to still pay materials and tech. Otherwise I’m jealous man. I’d love to play that way. I really liked no equipment as many may be tired of hearing. Maybe I should try a new game and see if it works for me. :thinking: hmm.

in the new game i have this problem, i’ts a mod eheh so no bug only my bad. Uninstall all mods begin new game work fine.

Cost of recruit it’s fine for me i don’t see problem ty all btw

Currently, it works like this as far as I know:

Easy and medium difficulty recruits from Havens come with equipment and armor. Hard and very hard difficulty recruits come with armor only. In the next patch, we will change this as it was before meaning recruits on very hard will come without equipment and armor. Other game difficulties will stay as they are now.

Recruits from encounters (from explorations or missions) always come without armor and equipment.

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@Valygar, is it possible to provide this as an option to the players when choosing Difficulty?

If you trawl these forums - as I’m sure you do - you will have seen that many players feel that hiring recruits ‘naked’ for food only makes the game very much easier than hiring a fully-equipped recruit at an extortionate cost. To the extent that I have often read people claiming that Legendary is more playable than Easy Difficulty because of this.

If in the Difficulty Settings, you gave people the option between hiring new recruits Fully Equipped, Armoured or Naked, after they had chosen what Difficulty they wanted to play, you might find that a lot of the complaints about the difficulty curve of this game might go away.


Why are the devs of this game so stubborn on their course to make easy and veteran harder than heroic and legendary? If you have to absolutely insist on making recruits come fully equipped with worthless baubles on the easier difficulties, you could at least make them cost far less than the ridiculous amount they cost right now.

Not only that, but there is still a bug where on occasion on the easier levels, recruits come bare naked. More often than not, it’s been priests for me. This means they come without their mutations.

Recruits without equipment will cost only food, like it was? And what about mutstions and augs?