Disabled Legs and extraction missions


I’m unsure if this is a bug but it may be.

Just had a situation where I got ambushed, we won the fight but my heavy got both legs disabled and now it was time to get to the side of the map.
Luckily he could still jump twice to get out.

What would happen if he had no jumps left? Or if it was one of my regular guys without a jump pack?

Could that scenario even finish without the entire group extracting?


You would need to restart.

You mean restart the mission, or the game?

I’ve never had to restart yet, would I lose the heavy if I did this?


Restart mission. Because you would not evacuate him, and there would probably be no enemy reinforcements to put him down. So you would end turn endlessly.

By restarting mission you start it again (probably with different composition of enemies), so things could go completely different. So it is hard to predict if you would lose your heavy. :slight_smile:

If you have technician with mech arms, Synedrion’s Aspida or Disciples’ regenerating torso mutation, you could prevent legs from being disabled.

If, that’s a big if! I also keep reading that reloading is worse than breaking any of the 10 commandments. Take your loses like a real man, don’t reload. Where’s my cake and can I eat it too?

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To be fair, MC, even I would advocate restarting at that point. :smirk:
If you physically can’t end the mission because of an unforeseen edge case, you have no choice but to hit Restart and go again.

Soldiers can still move very slowly when both legs are broken can they not ? It would have taken quite a while to get to the other side but it should be doable. I’ve never had someone have 0 movement… I think…

It’s a special case because of heavy armor and the penalties to Speed that come with it. It happened to me and I jumped away like the OP.

Ah, right - flat decreases. I never thought about that. Perhaps there should be a minimum of 1. On the other hand he can either jump with the Jetpack, or does not have heavy armour and can thus move ?

I agree, but it’s odd that we keep hearing that one shouldn’t do that. If the cookie crumbles, one takes it on the chin and moves on. I just find it odd that in certain circumstances it’s okay to do what one is told not to do. That’s why the “cake and eat it too”.

I’m also tired of the but ifs… One hardly has the but ifs when things happen. Yes, it’s good to know that there is another way to counter certain situations. Had the poster had them, I’m sure they would have used it.

The point was why is one put into a situation where it’s impossible to end the mission. Other than, do it again and don’t let that happen.

You can shoot your heavy wounded soldier )))) cause real tactician never reload ))))


The difference is you’ve just been Crimson Batted.

If my Heavy got gunned down in the firefight and I was forced to leave her behind as I retreated, then I would take the hit and accept it - that’s just the tactical fortunes of the game.

If, on the other hand, I have clearly won the firefight and the only reason I can’t carry my surviving Heavy off the field is because the game has made no provision for me to carry a disabled soldier across a completely empty battlefield that I now own, then that’s not on me, that’s on bad game mechanics, and the only way I can not lose the Heavy that I have clearly not lost is by Restarting and trying again. Interestingly, if she died in that second runthrough, I would probably Restart again and make it best of 3 (assuming I liked her that much), but would take the third if result she died.

So you’re not having your cake and eating it. You are compensating for a flaw in the code that never anticipated you could actually win the mission but not end it.

Then I’d f12 to report the issue and start calling for a Carry the Wounded ability on Canny.


I never tried it, but it is possible to drop the armor in a mission? This way the heavy should be able to move and you don’t have to restart :thinking:
Yeah, you maybe lose a heavy armor, but not the soldier …

If I recall correctly, I believe that UV said there are plans to fix these kind of issues. And as I said, I agreed with you. It’s just that the solution is counter to what some here say is a big no-no. That was my point, not that it’s not a viable solution in certain cases.

No, it’s not possible.

What I’m not sure about is this:

IIRC, the penalty for each disabled leg is 6. Min Speed (on Legend) is 14, so 14-12 = 2. Heavy torso armor carries a -2 penalty and heavy legs armor -1, so without a heavy armor torso, which has a jetpack, you would still have 1 pt in Speed remaining.

The only other armor that carries a -2 to Speed (and thus could reduce Speed to 0 with both legs disabled) is the tech armor. But with the tech armor you should be able to restore limbs…

In conclusion, it would seem to me that the scenario where you can’t evac because of this issue must be an extreme outlier…


What a few of us have said is that we don’t reload to achieve optimal results and that doing that is likely to mislead the DDA.

How is this connected to reloading a mission due to a bug I do not know.

I would have taken it on the chin cause I hate restarting, I like to let fate do it’s thing.

If I had gotten the rest to the extraction zone and the game said, you’ll have to leave one soldier behind then no problem, I would have done that. But I don’t think something like that would have come up.

Luckily, like I said I still had some jumps.

Maybe something could be added to the game to keep you from restarting, even a bit of text or something.

I don’t know.

It is the same case if your soldier is paralyzed

Carrying seriously wounded/paralyzed soldiers is a good idea, because you don’t have to leave behind a good soldier in an empty battlefield

+1 to carry option!

But is it a bug, or just bad luck? As I said UV said there are plans to automatically end missions if all enemies are killed. I would hope that would apply in situations as this and paralyzed units.