Xbox one - pickup \ loot dead bodies

Hi All,

I finally got myself PP on xb1 (my laptop was never good enough to run it very well), sometimes dead bodies have a white icon on them, I’m assuming it means I should be able to pick up \ loot something from the body but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do it.

If I stand on the body and press backpack I see ground but there is never anything there?

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

Love the game so far :slight_smile:


Do you have enough AP to pickup dropped gear?

Hi - Yes, I’ve ended the turn on the space so my new turn starts on it, also danced around the space a lot in case I’m not quite on the right square?

I’ve seen comments that this is because on console version enemies may drop some normally undroppable items (like arthron weapons,etc). So you see the icon, but can’t pickup.

Oh, I remember the early backer builds when you actually could pick up those severed arm-weapons and such. :slight_smile: Good times.

Thanks, I’ll keep trying if it works occasionally I’d say that’s a bug then, the icon shouldn’t come up if it’s an item that’s undroppable surely?

lol - I did read about that on another thread, maybe the issue now is that on console at least you can’t pick them up any more but it looks like you can until you get to the body

I’d just ignore all impossible loot. Pandorans can only drop weapons carried by Tritons. Everything else must be fake.

And yes, obviously a bug.

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Looks like it’s already been reported here

Unable to pick up ground loot

So I’ve just upvoted that one.