Equipment lost when soldier dead?

Equipment lost when soldier dead, for a mission cleaning the area (faction mission).

This is a new bug or what? I suspect it’s because the armor get destroyed, it wouldn’t be lost if the soldier hadn’t die, but then it’s weird (bug or design bug) when it is lost for a death.

EDIT: I checked, yes all armor stuff is lost, it seems not stuff in hands and backpack. Such a pointless extra penalty, so yeah clearly the design is you lost very few soldiers in a campaign, bad design choice if you ask me. Ok, ok, load back, sigh.

Was it a mission you had to extract from? It doesn’t auto collect loot on those missions (although it seems like all you have to do is open the inventory for enemies, not actually grab it).

No extract, a faction mission, sort of clean the area. I had a save, checked the inventory of body, there was only items in hands slots and backpack slots.

So all armors stuff removed. But I think I had lost a weapon too, but then didn’t check body drops.

Perhaps my comment was too fast, I hadn’t get yet how was working exchanges, it was looking awful, but in fact is rather good. Anyway loaded back, cancel the tactic error and won the mission without dead, ok.

Just be careful using that tactic. AI game director ramps difficulty based on your losses and successes. Reloading to avoid losses can lead to extremely overwhelming missions a little way down the road.

That’s a false reasoning, sure at Normal I reloaded often (give up play Normal now), but even 3 soldiers death in first month was a pain, more was non sense.

This reasoning is false, the game doesn’t check your save and reload, just the results, with reload (not scam loading to achieve a shot or get right items or recruits) I’m better, if the game scale up, I’m still better because I continue reload.

If the scaling lost me, it doesn’t scale well for me, play ironman or not won’t change anything.

And in case you didn’t notice, no way the game is flexible on soldiers death.