Tech tree out there?

Is there anywhere a tech tree? I need to know, what to have next, to advance in the story.

I don’t think there is, but I made a text file that should be quite close to it. Can’t be too sure about the dependencies. It must be somewhere inside the assets but I’m not familiar with this.

While i’d still need to obtain facts and various references from authentic game files… i’m currently planning to create such Tech-Tree system as external toolset. It should either be a direct “spreadsheet” gathering of details or some hybrid GFX rendering of the essentials with interactive components (Link, Search, etc).

I’ve got minimal experience on that kind of stuff (XCom2 ++) & there’s extra potential in the Phoenix gameplay as it develops tricky hooks between storyline pathways and factions exclusives; this alone requires heavy logic work if not outright personal guessing of complex properties of every data patterns/connections.

Stay tuned… but first, i must finish the “sampling” game which could align me with each factions – full reveals of all Techs!!


I actually already have a program to extract the tech tree when starting a new game. Just haven’t finished it yet so it’s really a raw output with research and requirements (other research, faction, diplomacy, encountered voxel, visited location, destroyed location, mission, …).

Can you provide us with the tech tree please? :slight_smile:

Here’s a sneak peak … but it’s raw as you can see:

* PX_PhoenixProject_ResearchDef: The Phoenix Archives (100)
  revealed by (ALL):
    research PX_AtmosphericAnalysis_ResearchDef
* PX_SDI_ResearchDef: Oneiric Delirium Index (50)
  revealed by (ALL):
    research PX_PhoenixProject_ResearchDef
* PX_AtmosphericAnalysis_ResearchDef: Atmospheric Analysis (24)
* PX_Pandoravirus_ResearchDef: Pandoravirus (800)
  revealed by (ALL):
    variable PandoraVirusResearch
* PX_HavenTrade_ResearchDef: Haven Trade Protocols (50)
  revealed by (ALL):
    research PX_HavenRecruits_ResearchDef
* PX_HavenRecruits_ResearchDef: Haven Recruitment Protocols (50)
  revealed by (ALL):
    research PX_AtmosphericAnalysis_ResearchDef
* PX_FoodHavresting_ResearchDef: Food Harvesting Technology (400)
  revealed by (ALL):
    research -, tag: LiveAlien_ResearchTagDef
* PX_PyschicAttack_ResearchDef: Psychic Influences (400)
  revealed by (ALL):
    - research PX_Alien_Siren_ResearchDef
    - research PX_Alien_TerrorSentinel_ResearchDef
    research PX_CaptureTech_ResearchDef
  unlocked by (ALL):
    capture tag PsychicBodypart_TagDef (1)
* PX_AlienGoo_ResearchDef: Pandoran Goo (100)
  revealed by (ALL):
    voxel Goo
* PX_GooRepeller_ResearchDef: Goo Repeller (300)
  revealed by (ALL):
    - research PX_AlienGoo_ResearchDef
    - research PX_CaptureTech_ResearchDef
  unlocked by (ALL):
    capture tag GooBodypart_TagDef (1)

next stage would be to generate a graph and show the outcome of the researches

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Indeed, a graph would be wonderful.

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This one ?