Research is a bit crap

I’m not sure if I’m not doing it right or if its just how the game play works, but I’ve always loved the research and manufacturing aspect of the old XCom games. However in Phoenix Point it (so far) isn’t much fun. The research seems to be focussed on the lore more than anything with no clear direction to go in or why.

Additionally the biggest tech benefits I’ve found is when I got on good terms with one of the other factions and I instantly get their technology. This seemed like a bit of a cop out as I like grinding through the tech and prioritising items I’ll use.


I’ll have to agree on that.
Where the old XCOM did an excellent job was the creative art and passion you saw in drawings and the design to make you feel you just unlocked something cool.
in PP you just see very tiny grey text and sometimes a small but boring image.
The difference is huge. Dont know how they missed that very important part of xcom.
Please hire some good creative artists.


It seem like it on the earlierws stages of the game. But be rassured, you’ll unlock some pretty neat stuff later on, especialy once you unlock the containment of aliens that make you able to do some fancy stuff and unlock some gears ^^

But yep, as of where i am now, no new wepaon tech made in phoenix, all weapons are acquired from others factions. Still relatively confident i will find new phenix weapoons. As of now, i have some cool subgrenades, new medkits etc… fully created by phoenix. Still a things :stuck_out_tongue:

and I have to add that one of the charm in the old xcom was to get hands on new alien technologie and be able to do research on it and then later craft it yourself. Now I can recruit soldiers with different weapons I cant even craft the ammo for :wink:


I think in time this will probably open up with patches/upgrades. What we have here is the basic working game.

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I really really really do hope you are right. Just that I have seen so many other promising games were this was thought aswell and then just bugfixes followed. I just say “Generation Zero” for instance.

You know there is one thing they cant complain about and that is not having enough “resources” ak money…

I would put money on the fact that PP is in for the long haul. Its Julian’s pet project. He has the image of this game firmly imprinted on his mind and something he started many years ago.
With something like 5 DLC’s already promised and the solid foundation already there to build on, I can’t help but think PP is going to be thee strategy/tactical game that will end up dwarfing all others.
I’m not talking mega graphics and million dollar cut scenes here, I’m talking about that game, you just can’t put down.

You have to do reverse engineering on new equipment you get from factions. Then you will be able to craft new units and ammo for them. But you have to sacrifice one or more of said equipment to be able to research on how to make them. It’s one of the aspects that I liked on PP research.

Well, we had many creative people with their pet projects. One of the most famous one is probably John Romero and we all know how this ended :wink:
And what about Peter Molyneux?

But we all do hope for the same thing Southlane.

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It does seem a bit daft that I can research weapons scavenged in a raid, but not equipped by soldiers I’ve recruited. But that’s an improvement on BB5.

Ahhh, I see that’s not true. I can research stuff that’s been brought it by recruits.

"You have to do reverse engineering on new equipment you get from factions. Then you will be able to craft new units and ammo for them. "

Yea, i did with a laser sniper rifle! Excited to equip it I learned that it won´t display in your inventory. Why it´s that wqay noone can tell here so far…

That’s actually what worries me as this foundation needs a lot of work. The DLCs announced seem like they will make the game wider, but it needs to be deeper. So far it seems like a very simple game, with complicated mechanics behind it.


reverse engineering a weapon consumes copies you put apart and analysed. You will have to manufacture a new copy.

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That’s my view. There’s the core of a really good game but there’s still a lot of stuff that, even if it’s not broken, wobbles somewhat.

Still, I hope they’ll be proactive with the patches and not break saves as they update the game.

Now you have me worried. :slight_smile:

Sorry, wasnt my intention.
I tried to go things through and see if I can make a list for good and bad examples equally long.

Here are some bad examples of games that got released very early and buyers were promised that devs would add more features and upgrade the game for sure but then nothing said happened and only some but not all major groundbreaking bugs were patched.
Generation Zero
Battlefield V
Hunt: Showdown
Fallout 76

Here are some good examples of games that were released very early and in time they added so much stuff and patched so many things you hardly foresee how the final version would look like or at least they upgrades a lot of quality of life game designs that really made the game a lot better.

Natural Selection 2.0

You can probably add “no man sky” in the good studio mooves. They basicaly did a “fallout 76 start” and years after, they patch ever and ever, add free dlc, and go more and more close to what they promised :stuck_out_tongue:

I would put no man’s sky in the gategory of “bad” examples to be honest or at least I would consider it in the grey area cause they lied about their release and didnt tell the audience it is in pre-pre-alpha state and were running out of money. They had to keep up to their promises and add a lot of stuff or nobody would buy a game from them ever again. It doesnt fit in the category:"Hey, we release this game early on a budget price so you can already beta test it and help us improve it.
But yeah, they changed and improved a lot in the game over time.

I did kickstart PP and back at that time I didnt care how they game would turn out at all. I am an nostalgic TFTD fan and just wanted to make xcom live again. I have seen too many very passionate people in that industry fail when they split up and thought they can make it better.
Developing a game is, most of the time, a team effort and depends on many skill sets beginning for me by the creative artist back to the programmer and to the game designer aswell. (oh and lets not forget about the sound designer).
Some people manage to combine all three of them in one person called indie developer but those people that actually can do that on a high quality level are very very very rare and then this also is no guarantee for making a good game.

I manufactured two of them but they dont appear in the equipment section!

WIll be great if we can not only recruit him soldiers and trade resources, but also can buy some equipment, ammo and maybe aircraft. For more resources then if we create itself.