Technology tree idea

One of the points I would like to see in the game would be a bigger variety in researchable technology. In the Xcom games, you could research all things and if you invest enough time you have them all available in the end game. This is nice for the first one-two games but later on, the path is clear and nothing new is happening. If the needed time for research is much bigger than the available time in a normal game you need to focus on technology styles. Could be mutation tech, weapon tech, vehicle tech and others. So you have the option to vary your style in two separate games and end up with a completely different team /playstyle depending on the technology.


Don’t forget that all 4 factions (PP, NJ, DoA, Syn) have their own unique techs (and in PP there could be “base specific”, you have to find that specific base on Earth), so you can play differently at least a few times, and combining techs could make this even more interesting.


As long as the tech/research options are meaningful, I don’t think you’ll get any argument from anyone that a bigger variety would be better.

Also, there’s this answer from the Facebook Q&A that might be of interest to you:

Q: Will there be much more weapon and armour tech scale than in the new XCOM?
A: We are still working on this. Each of the 3 main factions have their own tech tree – and you will be able to acquire that technology through trade and diplomacy, or you can steal it. You also have your own technology tree.


That makes me wonder. maybe a Second Wave option could be to play as another faction.
I’d love a second playthrough as the DoA

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IIRC, that was addressed either in the FB Q&As or a sticky on the old forums already… currently they don’t, again: IIRC, have any plans to do any kind of “New Game+”-modes, but that said, the IP is so lore-rich and the background story so vast that it would need multiple playthroughs either way to really get the full picture.

That, I believe, was pretty much the gist of it, and it makes sense too, since one of the confirmed rules says that we cannot be allied with all three factions at once, so there should be enough motivation for at least(!) two more playthroughs in order to experience the other two factions as our respective main ally.

Actually the devs have said that you can be allied with all three at once, it just won’t be easy or sustainable.

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There was something though about you not being able to max all three tech trees in one playthrough, and that a lot of missions would put you at odds with one or more factions, so I would expect that while technically maybe possible, it would neither be feasible nor sensible to try and do that in one go.

There are (at least) 4 “win” scenarios, for each faction and for PP, so depending on which “solution” you go for (solution as how to deal with the Pandora-virus), in theory there can be at least 3 other playthroughs after the first.

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Very true. Also there is the bad ending (PV wins) so you’d need another play through to experience that one, assuming you want to experience it.