Taking control of Synedrion Infiltrator - UI bugged out on me

I think this has happened twice now, but the first time was months ago. Both times it was definitely on a Synedrion map, and the most recent time it was while taking control of an infiltrator unit - I think the first time was as well, but I can’t swear to it.

So this time, I accidentally landed one of my heavies doing a jet jump right next to one of Synedrion’s infiltrator guys - I couldn’t see the infiltrator when I executed the move. For info, this was on a roof. Everything was ok until I selected the infiltrator, but when I did, the whole control system bugged out and started acting erratically - icons not doing what they’re supposed to, etc. I figured the temporary fix was to hit escape (to the menu), then select another unit on the map (tab didn’t work). However, when I selected the infiltrator, the same thing happened. This went on for a while until I completely lost control of the game, and even Windows - CTRL-ALT-DEL didn’t even work, nor ALT-TAB, nor WINDOWS-TAB. I had to do a hard shut down. Forgot to try ALT-F4.

I reloaded, started the tactical mission again from the auto save, and this time intentionally took control of the same guy, and it happened again, but not as badly - I saved before the PC locked up. I then restarted my machine once more to test, and reloaded my manual save, and the bug was proved to be baked into the save file.

Same thing happened to me. I landed my heavy next to an infiltrator (Synedrion rescue mission) and Rage burst the final enemy. Switched to Infiltrator, and it had no skills except Rage Burst (for bugged reasons) available. I moved it to within LOS of enemy, and its action bar turned into two “Standby” buttons. Switched to another Soldier and skills and weapon selection were locked (could not switch weapons, skills/actions were locked and could not perform any). Same thing when I switched to other soldiers.

Fortunately, I managed to F12 the save to report, so hopefully they get a good look at what may have caused the bug. Just wanted to reply that you are not alone in experiencing this one.

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Yes - the two standby buttons - forgot them! Exactly what I saw.

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