Ingame bug reporter stuck on screen

I just tried to do an ingame bug report. The UI for it came up fine but after several minutes i realized it was just stuck on my screen. Couldn’t bring up the Escape menu or give soldiers orders, the only thing that i could do was hit the “end turn” button up top. Didn’t make the bug report screen go away of course, so i had to alt+f4 to close the game.

And since that failed, the bug i was trying to report to begin with was an enemy getting stuck in terrain during the Synedrion mission to retake a base from the pirate king. An enemy heavy jetpacked itself into the upper level beside the entry and to the right (when facing in from the outside of the base). From there the heavy was able to jetpack straight across in the upper level and went back and forth for several turns doing that. The area he was in was all blacked out like it shouldn’t be accessible and i could not rotate the camera to see the terrain or any path up to it.