Problem with Synedrion mission

The mission is the diplomatic one, where you must kill the Pirates King in a base.

At mission start my men were scattered; i cannot see the logic because if i attack an enemy base all my soldiers should be together at the entrance lift, my men could be scattered inside the base if another attacks me.
The real problem was that two of my men were in a room not connected with the rest of the base; just a stairway down to another room with no exit and no enemies.

I loaded the autosave hoping for a better result but what i got was mission successful

You have breaches in the base walls… you will learn about it later :slight_smile:
but about layout… it’s clearly a bug.

Even if i find a few breaches in the wall there is no reason to send the forces split; force concentration is rule number one of strategy.
If i want to send an explorer i will send a fast assault or a berserker not the sniper all alone two moves away from the group, if two are a group.
It took me three turns to regroup the four not imprisoned while the two prisoners were hugging the walls of the two rooms looking for an exit.

Reloading the autosave, that i tought were BEFORE the assault, i got a mission completed and no loot; too bad because i gave a look at the main enemy and his flamethrower looked interesting

Are we talking about heavyweight boxing or small spec ops military operations? :> because in that case single mine or turret could end the team.

indeed. extremely situational and bugged, but nice.

Talking about that each member of the squad has to be able to support his mates.
It doesnt mean they all have to be one meter from each other, but keep eye contact and be able to assist

Had one of my assaults inside a wall. Fortunately he was able to go through the wall to join the 3 enemies that were on the other side (thanks dash).

Haven’t had any spawn issues, but I have also had the thing where I rage quit a mission after getting pounded on the first turn, only to find that on reload, the mission was a success. Definite bug I think.