Crossbow or infiltrator bug

F12 doesnt work, but there are a few bugs of diiferent weight in my infiltrator action.

Here you see my infiltrator, infiltrating the enemy spawn zone of the Synedrium residential and an alien that didn see him

My infiltrator aims his poison xbow at the head of the alien, it’s an easy 100% hit.

1 the least meaningful bug; the xbow shooting has a BANG sound

2 I perfectly see i have hit the alien head, there is a small white sign where the arrow hits, but nothing happens; the 50 phisical damage should disable the head and apply poison but no damage, no poison, no alien alerted.

3 the really bad thing; after that the game hangs, no way to regain control, can just see my soldier but no HUD, sorta like the empty geoscape. Only way to continue is using task manager and restart the game

This had already happened, with the same infiltrator using a neurazer; after dashing close he missed four hits in a row and after that the game hung up.

It’s not a screen freeze, my soldiers moves a bit and so does the alien, but there is no way to regain control. I will keep the savegame if you need it, and restart the mission giving my infiltrator a rifle.