Suggestion: more ammo types for Goliath grenade launcher

I remember original X-Com and X-Com 3 having different types of rocket launcher ammunition. it would be cool if we cool have some variety in PP grenade launcher ammo as well (available each after the corresponding research):

  • Incendiary ammo - sets an area on fire (like NJ grenade)
  • Poisonous ammo - makes a poisonous cloud lasting several turns. Everything in this cloud gets poisoned.
  • Paralyzing grenade - inflicts paralyzing damage over an area
  • Goo grenade - covers an area with goo

Yes, I don’t get either why the Goliath or the other one, the rpg, don’t have multiple ammo types. Likewise the Scarab when you get more powerful rocket tech why they don’t have the option for new ammo types.


I agree.

HECK the original XCOM 1994 had lots of ammo types.

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