How good is the grenade launcher? (phoenix tier 1)

Looking for any players experienced with the weapon; first off I assume it’s a heavy weapon correct and not a mounted weapon? Second off just how powerful is this thing…the ammo looks ridiculously expensive. It better one shot xrays for that kind of refill cost. Any other special tips with it, like anyone try it with rage burst or any other skills that go well with it?

VERY. its something I use all the way to the end of the game. 2 heavies with boom blast and grenade launchers + Fury 2 = 3 x 2 = 6 long range explosives in 1 turn! Better than a single scarab! LOL! make quick work of minions. Esp crabs and tritons as it removes their limps easy, making them basically useless.

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I totes forgot about boom blast. Any traits that affect nades should affect this launcher too right like quarterback?

By fury do you mean rage burst?

nope, i mean the fury missiles. With Boom Blast, fury missiles cost 0 AP to fire. So you can fire 3 explosives in 1 turn per heavy.

Good for the initial hit on clustered foes. It combines very well with extra damage perks, which make it even better at disabling limbs. Also strips some armor, which helps with finishing them off

Sry for my noobish questions but do you mean you equip 2 fury missiles in your mounted slot? I’m not familiar with mounted weapons/furies. There are 3 slots there what do you do with them all?

Oh, you VERY new to the game then. You will find out soon enough. :slight_smile: dun wanna spoil the fun for you.

Well thx for the info anyways btw is the launcher easy to aim? i.e. does it miss often, does it use the aim stat, etc?

try it for yourself. :slight_smile: What fun is a game if you don’t experiment and explore these things on your own? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t use the aim Stat. I believe they added a bit of a spread mechanic to all weapons with an arc instead of direct fire. That said, it generally goes where you point it. While ammo is expensive, it also gets a LOT of shots for one magazine. It’s not as stupidly strong as it was in the backer builds, but it still does good work. It’s also very useful for being able to fire over walls and hit things you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

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Not strictly true. I have a soldier with the “30% extra damage but less accuracy” perk and they are FAR less likely to hit where I’ve clicked than the other soldiers I have without. (The Fury is usually better). By quite a decent margin tbh.

A note to everyone too. Boom blast reduces the AP of reloading too, so whenever you fire off a fury missile, make sure to hit reload as well (only with boom blast!)

explosives in general are very potent, and having a “walking artillery” like a heavy with both the fury missiles and the grenade launcher with boomblast will quickly render groups of smaller pandorans, and humans a non-threat. by destroying limbs, weapons or just outright killing them. even without any of the + damage perks for these weapons.

these weapons are also indirect fire and have good range (approx 25 tiles), and can engage any spotted enemy over obstacles (just not inside structures) from relative safety.

worth it…even with its high munitions cost…even on a single target. but it really shines if you can catch groups.

Yeah, I probably should’ve thought twice about that. My sample size is way to small to blanket say explosives don’t use aim.

The grenade launcher is great, just regret its inaccurate as hell…

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Horseshoes and hand grenades.