Ammo Type Identification idea

Given that we know there will be different ammo types for the guns, a quick reference system to identify what ammo your gun is currently firing seems a must. To that end, here is my idea.

Given that the UI is going for visual references, rather than text, I suggest having a large-ish bullet near the gun with different colour markings based on the ammo type, like how bullets having colour markings in real life to show their purpose. The markings would divided into tips and bases and the various combinations of coloured tips and bases tells you the ammo type

For example your standard ammo would be a copper tip and base, while an armour piercing round would be copper base with a black tip.

Pulling from the 7.62 mm NATO round gets these combinations

tip/base - type
copper/copper - ball (standard issue round)
red/copper - tracer
black/copper - armour piercing
light blue/copper - incendiary
yellow/copper - spotter
green/copper - specialty
red/black - armour piercing tracer
red/light blue - incendiary tracer
white/copper - armour piercing incendiary
red/white - armour piercing incendiary tracer
red/yellow - spotter tracer
green/white - frangible

new colours and combinations could be added for the specialty rounds unique to the PP universe

As long as you can show them with patterns (think about all the different “colorblindness”), I agree it can be a good idea.

@Potkeny oh yeah I just realized how difficult this would be for me with red / green, yellow / copper etc. (I didn’t even consider this for some reason) Maybe add a tooltip for what they are as well? Really having to look at an instruction book or something to find out what your bullet colours mean might not be too practical if it were the only method of telling. Patterns would probably just make everything look more confusing

If it’s a toggle, patterns may not be that much more confusing than colors, the problem is more about how small the “bullet” is, harder to show a lot of different patterns compared to colors.

And yes, I agree that there needs to be tooltip/manual, but fast identification/double-checking during tactical-layer may still be possible. Depends a lot on how many different bullet there will be.

But I think it’s a safer way to just make different icons for different ammunition, even if it seems “unrealistic” (aka the “flaming bullet” look).

I think abbreviations (AP/HE/INC etc) or stylised icons will do a better job than colour-coded tips

Many ammo types are obvious (Sniper, Assault, Machine Gun, but what about Turret and Pistol? Or have I just never encountered those reload options? Thanks.

Currently the turrets can’t reload (though technically they are armed with a PDW, so should use PDW ammo). You can actually just find new turrets in crates. I believe there is pistol ammo though.

Thanks. I did find an additional turret. Is there a plan to allow retrieving and/or moving of turrets in future builds?

Yes, you will be able to pick the turrets back up.

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Right now I don’t think other classes can use turrets. Is the Technician the only class able to set them up? If so, it seems like it should be easy enough to simply make that a standard piece of equipment rather than a class specific ability.

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The turret is Technician specific - but another class can pick up a spare from a crate and carry it for the Technician.

If coulour scheme is to be adopted, it would be best it weapons could have similar colour or colur stripe as ammo packs.

Also since ammo is limited and valuable resource, it should be far more visible and easily tradable (including throw of a clip to other soldier :slight_smile: And findable on enemies, not just to some rush to crates!