A review/suggestions after a few weeks play

First of all, the game is looking to be good fun. I have enjoyed the experience so far and feel it captures a lot of the element I’ve enjoyed from Xcom and similar games. There are of course bugs, which is to be expected, and overall I feel Snapshot has been addressing them in a reasonable time.

Highlighted positive points:
The aiming mechanic adds an extra level of depth that is refreshing and feels like you’re able to command your units with called shots ect. The level of customization with builds/classes is also great, allowing far more flexibility with your units which is very welcome.

The evolving aliens are also a big plus, you’re never quite sure what you will be facing and each fight against even the standard crabmen forces you to adapt even if slightly your tactics.

Highlighted negative points:

Ammo: As much as I love in-depth realism but having to micromanage half used clips between missions is incredibly annoying. I truly hope this element is not present in the finished game, by all means, make you have to pay for/manufacture ammo etc but I don’t want to have to count EVERY bullet in a clip. Hopefully have them topped up when you get back to base ect.

Hampered exploration: The world map exploration feels hemmed in. Being both restricted by the fule and the radar coverage feels too harsh and restrictive in my opinion. I understand there has to be a mechanic but being able to uncover some sites around any spot you’ve reached with your transport would help give you an idea of where to work towards.

I am looking foward to this games full release and excited to see what extra things they will introduce as they move ahead.

The game is fully released and is being hotfixed in place right?

I too enjoyed the game in the early stages, despite the bugs, it became a love hate thing from the middle on higher difficulties. fun and challenge gave way to frustration and exasperation.

The grenade arms and now acid grenades were/are ridiculous compared to the grenade impact of your own troops.