Gameplay / Environment

Hi. I like where the game has got to so far but I would say its definitely in need of some tweaking / revising.

Its missing a lot of what Xcom had on the environment side. where cars would catch fire and or explode. in this game the cars break apart like lego and disappear leaving only the wheels. Also would be nice for grenades to damage the building and floors more. The 4 legged alien that shoots green explosives could be more destructive to the environment and could take damage as it runs through things.

Mind control could fail every once in a while and more modding / stats for the soldiers would make it better.

Xcom2 was a winner in my opinion and the game should have been build using the same game mechanics and principles but with all of the new features that phoenix point has to offer.

I’ve only played about 20 hours or so and these are the things that stood out the most to me.
Also if I could get this on steam without having to buy it again when its available would be brilliant as not a fan of the epic launcher