Sugesstion: Custom Difficulty Setting

On the higher difficulty settings, your new recruits come without any equipment or augmentations,
IMO this actually makes recruiting new soldiers on harder settings easier than doing so on the easier difficulty, because you only need to pay food for the soldier and don’t need to buy their equipment too.

Pheonix Point is (as you already know) a single-player only game; so IMO customization increases replayability.

Actual Idea:
A Custom Difficulty setting where you can individually choose elements of the game from all difficulty settings.

  • Unit Starting Stats.
  • Recruiting Units with or without equipment.
  • The number of enemies and spawn rates.
  • Enemy strength.
  • Mist spread rate.
  • etc.

Sometimes I like to play games that just kick my ass and clear my tactical mind and the harder difficulty settings do this for me.
But I would also like and a custom difficulty in Pheonix Point could satisfy this:

  • Have elite battles ie a super squad of rookie-level soldiers vs legendary level enemies.
  • To be overrun by a crapload of enemies that weren’t also bullet sponges.
  • Have super hard bullet sponges and not also be overrun.
  • etc.

Thanks for reading what do you think?

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+1 from my part.
I already proposed something similar during BBs (although I didn’t get into too much details). Something like “Invisible Inc.” where you can play on lots of parameters in a campaign.

Arr that is ashame.

I know that it is not super important, but I really do hope that they reconsider later on.

+1 from me too.

I think generally the more options the better.

(I also posted something similar during BBs, but I don’t know whether it was picked up on).

I agree with all your points!


  • Option to randomize Unit Starting Stats
  • Option to choose if the enemies will always drop weapons if not destroyed or if it will be decided in a dice roll (how is working now)