Difficulty settings

Something I’d really like for the difficulty settings is to be able to tweak certain things rather than having blocked predefined settings. For instance, you want difficult combat, but you don’t want to be struggling with resources (you want a mix between two different difficulty settings).

That’s a thing that “Invisible Inc.” did and I find it great. Of course the achievements are only validated if you don’t touch the settings (it automatically becomes “custom” difficulty). But you have this freedom of playing “expert” mode and still allow for more rewinds or even restart a level.

I know that I don’t really like struggling for resources, that’s something that kind of prevents me from playing harder levels.

Since difficulty settings weren’t implemented yet …
Be able to tweek:

  • quantity of enemies on Maps (potentially a different setting for nests)
  • amount of resources on scavenging sites, events, …
  • tradable quantities
  • price level of recruits (the minimum being the sum of all items the soldier is wearing - otherwise that’s called arbitrage)
  • ship speed
  • research speed
  • fabrication speed
  • construction speed
  • you name it

Hope you like the idea and do it. I’d love it.

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