Customizable difficulty level

It would be nice to have an option for customizing the difficulty parameters seperately.

For example: Rookie evolution of Pandorians, Soldier progression of legendary, starting equipment of veteran, etc.

This way the player could adjust the gameplay more to his liking.

As far as I have seen, these things seem different depending on difficulty level:

  • Soldier progression (skill points gained per mission)
  • Pandorian evolution
  • Enemies spawned in mission (for example: fireworm mission of Anu spawns a fat mortar thing on legendary)
  • Starting equipment and number of soldiers
  • Starting stats of soldiers
  • not sure about resources (are there more available on an easier level?)

Yes, indeed.

Also starting equipment of recruits from Havens.

I think the biggest difference is how aggressive the Pandorans are attacking the Havens, because that sorta sets the speed for the Doomsday Clock.


Ah yesssss. The inevitable XCOM reference rears its Cobra Hooded head. :wink:

I was thinking much along the same lines as the OP. But have to figure there’d be Copyright issues between the PP and XCOM franchises. :frowning:

  1. I’d love to see this done as a Ready Character Pool, of more than 3 Soldiers from random Factions. In fact, it’d be great if we could save characters to the pool, to be drawn from in a separate list.
  2. Pandoran Evolution is a tough one. Should the Speed they mutate be Player Selectable? Or a Slider used to change the speed, and/or numbers of mobs in missions?
  3. Fat Mortar Thing? Do you mean the Chiron Worm Launchers? Yeah they’re a pain, but not invincible. Take the legs out and it dies. That said … Yes I’d like to see Endless Spawns of more than just one Pandoran at a time, on missions that say Endless Reinforcements, until you leave the map to complete the mission.
  4. Starting Equipment is a big thing with me. I don’t need, nor want every item the game has to offer. But it would be nice to at least have 2 or 3 Spares on hand, to replace expendables, and destroyed gear. Including Armor. That gives you a little breathing room, as you ramp up Production of gear.
  5. Staring Stats I’ve seen Recruits come in as Level 2 & 3 during Mid Game. Maybe just a boost to XP and SP would be a good compensation for Difficulty levels?
  6. Resources are another big thing with me. Again, I don’t need, nor want to start with even Half the maximum in all Resources. But at least give us enough to keep our heads afloat, and bellies full. Yes, I’ve lost a base because I didn’t pay attention to the Food Use there. Pretty harsh learning curve that was for me. :open_mouth: Please put Food Processing Plants back on the list of available rooms to build.
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