Need Custom Difficulty

So, I like the tactical battles on legendary difficulty better, but prefer the more leisurely pace of hero. I like the slow development of 5 sp per battle, but don’t enjoy having the list of haven attacks run off the bottom of the screen. It’s a way more interesting to choose between recruiting the perfect raw recruit or getting a more experienced mystery one with some gear than it is when the more experienced one is also totally naked.

I want a custom difficulty setting. It would be awesome to have slider control over individual elements of the difficulty setting instead of having to accept a package deal.


Yes please add this! It is a must!

If you are concerned about achievements, just deactivate them for a custom difficulty.

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Been banging this drum for years now.

Had a convo with one of the lead designers yesterday, where I banged the drum again and he said he’d bring it up with the design team - but I wouldn’t hold my breath!

I’m going to post this on the new Canny Discussion Forum they’re bringing out. When I do, please upvote it.


You’ll find my Second Wave question here: Are there any plans to introduce Second Wave Options? | Voters | Phoenix Point


I don’t get it. Implemeting this shouldn’t be very hard (I have little modding experience, but in XCOM 2 for example I was able to edit a lot of stuff difficulty wise). I mean, it could even come with a disclaimer like: “Warning, custom difficulty settings could seriously imbalance the game.” I think the reason Devs often do not implement custom difficulty is, because they think customers are too dumb to make own decisions :slight_smile:

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