A Plea for Adjustable Difficulty Settings

I know that the final iteration of PP is supposed to dynamically adjust itself to match the level of the player’s ability, but despite that can I put in a plea for adjustable difficulty settings in the Options Menu.

As things stand, players have to choose their Difficulty Level blind, and if it turns out to be too hard or too easy for them, there’s no way for them to adjust that. I had to abandon my first BB5 game, set to Normal Difficulty, because it was boringly easy, but I fully expect to find he Hardest setting will ultimately start handing my ass to me on a platter.

So it would be great if we had a similar option to XCOM, where if it starts getting too hard (or too easy), you simply hop into the Options menu and tweak it to suit your level. In fact, in XCOM I tend to start on Normal, then ratchet the Difficulty up at each big Story Turn Mission, until I’m building up to the Final Mission with my super-squad against a game set to Insane.

Keeps things manageable but interesting ;0)

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