Custom Difficulty Setting

So some have propossed to the moon and back the inclussion od second wave options, or custom difficulty settings. So I guess in this sense this is yet another post on the matter.

What is different I why I came back to the same old issue? Well I thought It would be useful to take a more practical and specific approach. Taking a look to what settings have been tuned in mods. And also because nothing has been done or discussed on this matter in the lasts months, so I thought it would be nice to remind the devs we are still waiting.

Those options, that the player could enable or disable could include for example, maybe some other players have some other suggestions that can be included or can discuss about the ones I presented:

  • Positive or negative effects as the HPC goes down (the ODI had this).
  • Fabrication plants generate material per day.
  • Research labs generate tech per day.
  • Tune the death rate of havens caused by starvation.
  • Tune recruit’s spawn rate at havens.
  • Tune haven attack rate from factions.
  • Stop one faction overrunning another.
  • Tune haven defenses to make destructions more or less likely.
  • Tune the number of personal abilities.
  • Remove the cap on mutation and bionics.
  • Give Phoenix Point the blueprint of all independent gears.
  • Remove the cap of one module per aircraft.

Cany Link: Custom Difficulty Setting.

Also wanted just to leave the Cany Link to a request to include a campaign length option, just because a request of difficulty settings would not be complete without it: Campaign Length Options.