Custom Difficulty Setting

So some have propossed to the moon and back the inclussion od second wave options, or custom difficulty settings. So I guess in this sense this is yet another post on the matter.

What is different I why I came back to the same old issue? Well I thought It would be useful to take a more practical and specific approach. Taking a look to what settings have been tuned in mods. And also because nothing has been done or discussed on this matter in the lasts months, so I thought it would be nice to remind the devs we are still waiting.

Those options, that the player could enable or disable could include for example, maybe some other players have some other suggestions that can be included or can discuss about the ones I presented:

  • Positive or negative effects as the HPC goes down (the ODI had this).
  • Fabrication plants generate material per day.
  • Research labs generate tech per day.
  • Tune the death rate of havens caused by starvation.
  • Tune recruit’s spawn rate at havens.
  • Tune haven attack rate from factions.
  • Stop one faction overrunning another.
  • Tune haven defenses to make destructions more or less likely.
  • Tune the number of personal abilities.
  • Remove the cap on mutation and bionics.
  • Give Phoenix Point the blueprint of all independent gears.
  • Remove the cap of one module per aircraft.

Cany Link: Custom Difficulty Setting.

Also wanted just to leave the Cany Link to a request to include a campaign length option, just because a request of difficulty settings would not be complete without it: Campaign Length Options.

I like most of propositions, except this one:

Full mutation or full bionic are reserved for Forsaken or Pure. We or anyone else should not be allowed to do that.

Unless there would be mechanic that would make such soldier insane and we would lose him after some time. But I’m not sure if there is time for implementation of such changes.

These are still proposals for “custom” setting, so if you don’t like one then just don’t tick it on :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, for this kind of optional settings I would not exclude some things that many, really many player want to have.

Some of the most popular mods of the game have this feature. So it is quite obvious players like it. Also is easy to see why more personalization, and cool looking soldiers is something that has a lot of appeal.

Now you can say it is not very lore friendly, but is it? "

Why? The game works that way now, but there is no logic reason besides balance to have this rule. The player can use tech of the factions, and has access to mutations and bionics.

Limiting the players access to bionics and mutations is done only for balance and difficulty, not because it has any real in game sense. And this is precisely a proposal to tune balance and difficulty. So, yes, I think it makes total sense.

It is also a weird line of reasoning to say I dont like it, therefore I dont want anyone else to have this option.

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Actually, I think what he’s trying to say is that if you have that option you should also have a mechanic that slowly turns your operative insane, since that’s what full bionics/mutation has done to the Pure/Forsaken.

Though I’m with @MadSkunky on this one - if it’s an optional choice, it’s no skin off my nose if someone else wants to do it. I can simply opt not to turn it on.


I could see the base game having a mechanic for adding some kind of “bad effect” instead of a hard-lock for bionics and mutation. And having a difficulty option to deactivate these effects. As it is now, just having an option would be cool enough.

Reason that I don’t like it is not so important (btw how did you take that out from my post?)… For me more important is that:

  • it is against lore,
  • it is against logic of humans being sane,
  • it is against balance.

As a designer I would not allow such modification as something available in standard custom settings. There must be some consistency in the game mechanics. Otherwise we can think of all kind of cheat possibilities to enable just with a tick in the options. If people like it they could look for a mod to change that.

I don’t get it, why you try to argue with “you don’t like it”. There is much more things that I don’t like, but I don’t write about them just because I don’t like them.

Because you wrote:

That’s why I concluded that you don’t like it.

I do not want to argue with you :slight_smile:

I accept your opinion and see it similarly, but in the end it’s just an option that many players want and doesn’t hurt anyone, precisely because it’s only an option.

This was just a prelude. Not real argument. :smiley:

And should there be an option to disable magazines for weapons (so unlimited reload), because people don’t like to think about spare magazines?

I’m not sure if designers should consider everything that people wish to be in the game, even if it is popular idea. As such options can break balance even more than it is currently broken.

Again, I’m mostly with you, nothing to argue here, except that I can live with any option that they implement. I really don’t bother because these are just options that players want to have.

Balancing is important, no matter what, but we still talk about a single player game and when players want to have some unbalanced settings and the devs want to please them, well, as long as it is only optional I have no problem with it.