Stuck on "return to geoscape" after mission

After completing a mission I get the exp screen and click on “Return to geoscape” but the button only changes colour and do anything else so I’m stuck and can’t continue the game. I tried exiting and doing another mission but I get the same problem.

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Did you report this in game via F10?

The same happened to me and I’ve sent a ticket.

same here, sent a f10 ticket as well

Just curious… Does the same thing happen if you load the auto-save?

Hi,I quick saved at the last turn ( when only mobs bleeding to death and paralyzed were left ) and went from there, it always failed to continue. I didn´t want to start the mission all over again as it seems to be a waste of time. I also tried to enable console commands with DnSpy but didn´t work. I went back to older regular save and played on … will avoid that mission “into the maze again (or something” in future.