"Back to Geoscope" button on Synderion Mission broke

I’m doing the second mission they give you, the one with a bunch of Chirons.
For some reason I can’t complete it, when I get the end screen hitting “back to geoscape” does nothing. I’ve reloaded before the mission, tried ~win command, no matter what I do it seems to be this particular mission, very frustrating.

Does anyone know of another possible work around?

I do not know of any work around, sorry

Try to use ‘win’ on earlier save.

@MoronicCinamun it’s a rare bug but not unique to that mission. As mentioned you’ll have to go back to an earlier save and do a different battle before trying this one again.

It’s a pain but it’s workable.

OOOO That did it, thanks!
On to the next set of bugs :confused: