impossible to return to the geoscape after defeating all the enemy

hello, I just report a bug problem here too, it is impossible for me to return to the geoscape after completing the mission, I see the victory page with the uncle returned to the geoscape but nothing happens when I click on the coup is the mandatory restart of the game, I tested with a second mission and same observation, I made 6 reboots but it does not want to let me return to the geoscape; a solution to counter this problem are waiting for a possible patch (which may not come from here at the official release) because I have the strong impression that I find myself stuck with this bug is no matter the mission chosen he will come every time, by a new part I do not see any solution.

I am having the same problem with the first diplomatic mission (with the mist repellers). I have tried 3 times now with a relatively new squad (lvl3 - lvl6) bog standard start of game armour and weapons. I can play through the mission and get to the end screen with the ‘return to geoscape’ button under my soldiers stat window. Pressing the ‘return to geoscape’ causes it to flash orange/yellow but nothing else happens forcing me to quit the game - I appear to be able to do other missions though.

Loving the game btw - great work!