Stuck in South America. Help?!

I’ve explored all the question marks in south america and I can’t find any question marks connecting to the other continents. Phoenix Point is the only base on the continent and I can’t build any more radars. Am I boned?

Research “Phoenix Archives” and then you can see all bases and remote activate them.

And if you are in need for resources to activate next Phoenix Project bases, then you have few options:

  • wait for an alien base to attack some of the havens. Then you will get reward for succesful defence and you will be able to progress further.
  • if you want to have more resources then leave alien base unattended. This will trigger more defence missions and thus more rewards for the defence, but this and above method can take some time - but probably it is the way if you want to stay as a good guy :wink:
  • there is also option to trade at havens, so for example you can exchange some of the food you have for materials and tech. and if you managed to find some weapons which feel underpowered to your other weapons you can scrap them to get some resources
  • there is also faster and more proficient way of getting resources, but you will enter evil path :slight_smile: - you can ride the havens for resources. It gives you nice amounts of these, and make factions only a little sad about it. (kind of exploit, but I suppose this is left as a gate, for more casual players to not stay behind alien evolution). These missions can be harder (if you will encounter proper mix of defenders) but are quite profitable.