Amazing how this happens

Started a new game with the DLC after having trouble reaching Antarctica - Now I can’t reach Australia.

Go figure.


There are always bases in Antarctica and South Asia

I also see an exploit when third party soldiers (militia or those to be rescued) that have come under your control in a mission have their action points fully recovered after a saved game has been loaded.

This means you can finish any mission with such soldiers only as they can have infinite number of actions.

Then don’t use the exploit,

but yes , Devs need to know

Brilliant, thank you.

I should note however, that if you’re a fair bit of time in those bases will be covered by mist and occupied thus rendering the transfer option moot.

Just my 2 cents.

That is why I do everything I can to activate (and put a few soldiers in) bases close to new developing mist.

It cost some resources, but then when you get an aircraft there, you can start exploring/earning more resources and even more resources from defending nearby havens.

On day 25 I have activated 3 bases around the globe (Edit: Starting base + 3 aircraft could not reach, plus 1 base I could reach from staring base, but close to expanding mist - 5 total), that I could not reach with aircrafts. Put a Scarab and some snipers there - they can defend most, even if they can not take on special mission.
(Some of them have no armor, but fight purely distance/defencively).

Note: Trading resources 4 to 6 helps expanding this way. So don´t spend all resources the minut you get them. Make them work/mulitiply.

These are my current resources …

Recovering action points after a saved game seems like a clear exploit, but who knows if remote activaions of bases is not as intended?

It is intended that any base can be activated remotely. However, it is undeniably odd not only that you can activate a base that you can’t reach, but you even send recruits there that you acquire from Havens near your original base, or make newly manufactured aircraft spawn there…

Well … yes …!

But not using the option leads to another game …