Found new base, now what

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I must admit I am a little confused about what to do. I found an abandoned Phoenix Base and it said it was little more than a warehouse. I got some supplies, but that’s it. Is this really a new base? If so, what do I have to do to occupy or make use of it?

you have already occupied it by finding it. Finding the bases is the Phoenix Point equivalent of building the access elevator from the OG X-Coms. You then go about building the structures as needed.

@jskintauy I know what you’re referring to. It’s a random event that just gives you resources.

When you find a real, functioning Phoenix base it will tell you that you’ve brought it back on-line. Then it functions like a normal base.

Yes you will probably need to “repair” the base first! Then you need to add a “barracks” so you can recover when there. Presently there is no need for anything else except a “containment” lab as the bases are not attacked in this build from what I can see. However, much work is needed to make these bases better on the programming side. There is a great potential here just hope they take advantage of it. In the previous build they did attack the base but it was such that you started at one end and they came in everywhere else, usually they destroyed 70% of the base before you could even get close enough to take a shot, which was annoying! There needs to be a place “bottle neck” were they come in so you at least have some way to prevent your base being wiped before you even see them. On that point! the invisible markers don’t work they should go after the creature dies, but they do not always do that, so I end up wasting very valuable ammo and grenades on dead creatures!!! It already is hard with the invisible, mist spraying self healing high Armour snipers who seem to be able to shoot around corners without adding the extra marker on them when dead (hope you read this programmers)!!! the balance is way out here, you get 30 of these creatures which take one shot from you (little damage done) go invisible, spray mist and then heal and at the same time shoot you back… If they are to have all these features they should be a low health count to balance them out at present it is a joke! OH… And before I forget the “mist” needs to fade each turn also! At one time I had so many of these creatures on a small map and they all sprayed their mist and the entire map was blacked out for the entire mission I could not do anything except get shot from every angle possible, it was so bad so I have to restart the mission, if it reduced a little each round that would help but right now… well… just wrong!

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No, he found a point on the Map where an event triggered about an “abandoned Phoenix Base” (see Draconian’s post). I got lots of them. Sometimes you get choices, pay material to retrieve tech, …

But it is not a Phoenix base that you can occupy, those are displayed with a yellow icon on the geoscape.

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Ahh… ok my mistake…:slight_smile:

jskintauy, No you haven’t found a real base. There’s confusing writing on some random one-off places with supplies.

It’s a base if you get the yellow PP icon and can view it in the bases tab.

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Ah, the yellow icon. Okay, I haven’t found one yet in my game, but will be looking.
On that point, it seems like I have explored a good chunk of the world and haven’t found a second base. Is this just bad luck?

Yes, I was unable to find a single one in my first playthrough.

yes. I started in Bolivia once, and had to go across North America, Greenland, Scandinavia, to find next base in Turkey, after that I’ve found one more in Europe and North Africa, so IF I start in Turkey, I would have 3 bases within a week or two. it’s a RNG.

I’ve had games (granted, WAY back at launch) where I got 3 PP bases all within flight range of each other. I’ve had games where the first base I find is on the other side of the world, but then I just start finding them all close by. I’ve had games where I only ever found one before I beat it.

They need to be spaced out more consistently, maybe one per major continent, and it would be amazing if we could get SOME lead as to where they are.

You will have lead and spaced out bases

Lol, its so cool to see all the problems that existed BEFORE i ever encountered this game.

Man, it seems like a completely different beast altogether nowadays!!!

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