New Player, How to Scan?

Ok, I’ve explored everything around my base, the green circle. How do I find more unexplored sites? Nothings left. TY

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You can activate another base near enough to fly there if you have researched the initial researches. Then, you can build a scanner there too to reveal more sites. However, I’m not sure this should’ve happened to you, it may be a bug.

Where’s your starting base in the world?

On the border of Mexico and USA, around Texas. Scanned everything, no Havens around me. Any idea what I should do?

What should I research???

I belive it is called “Phoenix Archives”. Then you should get the location of all bases around the globe and you can click them and “remote activate” them if you have the needed resources.
They actually dont have to be in flying distance, but then you need to “recruit” and equip another team there (with a plane - so takes quite som resources …).

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Ok thank you.

Btw, I would suggest that you F12 and bug report if you really have no Havens within an entire scan range from your starting base. That sounds like something that should not happen…

Also if your radar is working it will continue scanning to some extend. It take time before the circle reaches its full range.

All is well, works fine now, thank you.