Mission briefings

Hi, will you add a button to mission briefing to check soldier equipment before mission? I catched myself few times that I send soldiers to the mission without taking a look at their gear. Or maybe with those inventory presets there will be also notification that one of the soldiers doesn’t have his default setup. If I remember there was a topic about that but can’t find it. Maybe there was some decision made about it?



In our current development build you can check your loadouts before a mission starts.


Yay! Just checking, but you can keep equipment in your skyranger–I mean, manticore, right? The reason I ask is because let’s say it takes a while to get there and it becomes night, but you can keep some flares or night equipment in the ship to equip your guys, right?

I would also like to know. :wink: At least some small cargo hold would be nice to store loot there from one or two missions or just to keep some spare ammo and few weapons and maybe armor pieces. But definitely for not more than 20 items.

Will different items use different space in inventory ? A magazine taking the same space than a Hellcannon isn’t very logical if we have limited space.

What about soldiers ? Currently, to make my heavy super heavy (love “body slam”), I fill his inventory with weapons.

They don’t take up different amounts of space, but they do have different weights.

Probably it will be a remnant of Firaxis XCOM. It is not logical but makes inventory management easier and faster. I would also love to see inventory from old X-COM, but I am geek in this case. Not every player like such micro-management. Maybe it has some logic that we will always need big and small items so in the long run it doesn’t matter how big they are (except extreme situations where you want to put only weapons in heavy inventory or only ammo in assault inventory).

EDIT: So maybe Manticore hold also should have only weight limit instead of space limit.