Need an extra Manticore Slot

I’m currently experiencing a similar frustration to many other posters on this forum, where you can’t find another PP base and the range of the next ? sites is so far away that you have to make a choice between abandoning the Havens under your protection or giving up the search (which is no real choice at all, as the search seems to be the only way to progress the game).

I thought a solution to this would be to build another Manticore - only to discover once I had painstakingly collected the funds that there was only 1 Mantcore slot in the Base, and no immediately obvious way to increase that limit.

It seems to me that you should at least be able to expand your Hangar capacity so that you can house 2 Manticores, otherwise you can get seriously hamstrung very early in the game.

Of course, JG &the Ds may simply be planning to seed the PP Bases more evenly round the world in the Dec 3 release, which would also help solve the issue, but I’d suggest they do one or the other if they don’t want players to give up in frustration.

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I think that there will be more bases because 6 are too low number to effectively do anything on the geoscape.

But devs should also allow to increase capacity of single hangar or allow to build another hangars.

In either case provided limit should also limit how many aircraft ‘hover’ over the base. If we have capacity of only 1 ship then only 1 ship should be allowed to be there.And it should work like that:

  • If there is a dropship it should block any possible flight toward that base.
  • If we will order it to move, then sending some other dropship to that base should be enabled just after first one leaving the base and without reaching destination.
  • If 1 dropship is already flying toward that base it should also block giving orders to other dropships to flight toward that base.

Now we can send as many dropships as we have to any single base. Where do they go and how they manage to land there if previously we had only 1 hangar and could have only 1 Manticore. Later on they compress and land all somehow in this single hangar?